> A social contract is only a necessity in a community-run organization
   > because it helps prevent the organization from moving off-course.
   > (...)
   > If you believe
   > GNU should be community-run, then you'll want to see a social contract;

   I agree with this part, and this is indeed my motivation to work on it.
   What is so frightening in having GNU be community run? 

This has been explained else where, so there is little point in
bringin up it again, in short is boils down to that a community is
incapable of making moral and ethical decisions.  Which is also why
the idea, at least for now, is to have a small trusted core group that
decides on the policies of the GNU project. 

But lets please drop this subject here, there is little to pursue
unless you activley involve people who make decisions for the GNU
project, i.e. RMS.

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