* fredoma...@free.fr <fredoma...@free.fr> [2020-02-08 10:07]:
> Thanks for the precisions. I would like to take this opportunity to
> declare my support to initiatives aiming at being more inclusive of
> women in GNU. I am for example quite surprised that (as far as I
> saw) only one or two women contributed to this discussion threat,
> and that their comments were simply technical. Some form of
> affirmative action and active outreach in the direction of women
> seems urgently needed here.

Everybody is welcome to contribute.

How do you know that women did not participate, did you verify it
personally who has which sex?

People may use nicknames and names of female can be males, how do we
know they are not of other genders than you assume by the names?

You have no facts on your statements as you have not verified their
sex personally.

As everybody is welcome to contribute in GNU project, the policy alone
is enough to help people understand that everybody is welcome to
contribute to GNU project, that is regardless any sex, or other type
of discrimination, as there is no discrimination in the GNU project.

Please keep the political extreme feminism propaganda out of the GNU
project, as the only politics in the GNU project is the free software


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