On 2/18/20 12:07 AM, Mike Gerwitz wrote:
On Mon, Feb 17, 2020 at 17:25:38 +0100, Nathan Sidwell wrote:
Indeed, given the toxicity on this list, I had presumed there was no
moderation (any more).  If it is that modereration is being applied, it is
either sorely deficient, or an indication of the language that GNU permits
(in spite of the 'kind communication' document).  Which is a good
demonstration of why people might not find it a welcoming organization.

It is worth reminding that readers of this list cannot see the number
and type of messages being rejected (and so cannot judge what moderation
is being done), and that this moderation is being done by volunteers on
their own time.

It is also worth reminding that it is not possible to make all parties
happy.  Indeed, moderators get verbal lashings from all sides.

Thanks for confirming the toxicity is acceptable to the list administrators.


Nathan Sidwell

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