To make matters worse, my own posts are moderated and I’ve seen a 2- to
   3-day delay before they’d reach the mailing list lately.  That makes it
   hard for me to participate.

And that is why we should all be using the lists that we actually
setup for this whole for these type of discussions.

   Meanwhile, all the abuse email is getting through unmoderated AFAICS
   (i.e., there’s no delay between their ‘Date’ header and the time I
   receive them.)

   Mike, Brandon: please rectify this situation.

Please send moderation complains with examples of abusive mail that
you think gotten through directly to the administrators.  If you are
on CC, you will get the email directly from anyone and there is
nothing that can be done.

Nor is this how you address volunteers, by trying to order them to do
your commands -- they do not answer to you.  Instead you could help to
foster a kinder discussion temperature here, something everyone would
benefit from.

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