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> It is the only thing that is productive.

No, it is not productive.  You have caused a significant moderation
burden.  For someone trying to stick up for GNU, you're doing a poor job
of working with us.  As I've said many times, I oppose public discussion
of governance, and yet moderators' attention has instead been diverted
to moderating hateful messages.  This is wasteful for everyone
involved.  Would our time not be better spent on substance?

> So stay on the real topic.  GNU needs no changes because it is
> effectively run by RMS.  Furthermore, GNU is Richard's personal
> organization, and people participate either because they support his
> vision, or they are delusional.  It has NEVER been a Democracy.

Please stop with the unkind words.

Some people may participate in the GNU Project because they support
Richard personally, but certainly not all.  We do not even require that
maintainers agree with the free software philosophy.  We don't even

For example, I support the GNU Project and free software, but I do not
pledge support any one person's personal agenda.  Richard has explicitly
told others to support free software, not him personally.  In fact, him
and I have disagreed on and debated a number of things within GNU.  And
considering that he appointed me to the GNU Advisory Committee, I can
only assume that he appreciates the constructive (and sometimes harsh)
criticism that I provide.

Characterizing GNU as "Richard's personal organization" is inaccurate
and dangerous because it helps feed the unrest that you're speaking out
against.  Richard is the Chief GNUisance, but he delegates many
responsibilities, and he does ask many people for advise before making
decisions.  He holds far more authority than he chooses to exercise.

> Everything it has ever accomplished is because of his person effort to
> float political ideals he feels are vital.

rms has made an enormous impact, but this statement diminishes the
enormous effort that all of our volunteers have put into GNU over the
years---that includes not only maintainers appointed by rms himself or
those acting on his behalf, but all contributors of code; documentation;
bug reports; support; donations; kind words; and everything else.

Mike Gerwitz

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