* Bruno Félix Rezende Ribeiro <oitofe...@gnu.org> [2020-04-11 07:38]:
> Hi,
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> "Carlos O'Donell" <car...@systemhalted.org> writes:
> > https://wiki.gnu.tools
> A problem I see with this domain name is that for many people it may
> reinforce the incorrect idea that GNU is essentially a collection of
> tools.  If at all possible, “gnu.os” would have been better.

Best place to discuss how they should call their domain is with them,
by writing to them, and not by using this mailing list, as this
mailing list is not relevant for their non-GNU website, regardless if
they call it "GNU.tools".

I have domain "gnu.support" and I explicitly say on each page: "We are
not endorsed by GNU or Free Software Foundation. We just love GNU and

I do not discuss issues of my website on this mailing list.

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