Thanks Andrea.

On Wed, Apr 28, 2021 at 12:08 PM Andreas Enge <> wrote:

> I call out to the moderators of these mailing lists, if moderation indeed
> still exists there, to act against such hate mail by Jean Louis singling
> out an individual whose actions they disagree with:
> Am Thu, Apr 22, 2021 at 10:12:13AM +0300 schrieb Jean Louis:
> > Ludovic Courtès (Guix)
> > Ludovic Courtès
> > Ludovic Courtès
> > Ludovic Courtès
> This cannot be qualified but as personal harrassment.


FWIW, I find the flood of replies demanding "evidence" and otherwise
interrogating the concerns you express here to be excellent substantiation
in and of themselves.

Peers devoted to free software,

Please reread the threads with an eye to how much good the topics most
favored on this list have done and will do to draw people and
public opinion to our cause.  I hope and expect we can move forward with a
better tone and clearly visible mutual respect.  What I have seen is that
our "work environment" has been and is becoming increasingly toxic.

For example
 - Well respected philosophies are given kilobytes of air-time while any
decent or nuance that could serve to evolve the tactics we apply in
bringing these important points more successfully to the greater community
are ignored or (more likely) heckled, pelted with platitudes and sophistry.
 - Any questioning of the greatness or suggestion of the fallibility of our
esteemed founder is ridiculed.   Is Dr. Stallman so weak we must rush to
deflect any unflattering commentary or views?

I beg the assembly: don't rush to the aid of our principles nor our heros.
They can each take critique. They will grow only stronger for our honesty
even as we become more able to attract and sustain more diverse
viewpoints.  Moreover, your fellow community members are (or should be
assumed to be) as capable as ourselves:  we are each responsible for
separating signal and noise.

Let me be very clear and direct:  when a woman wrote us to express
personally and specifically her concerns around RMS we ran her off, and ran
her down.  There's no place for that in this community, nor in any
community dedicated to the public good.   It has nothing to do with the
veracity much less universality of the concerns she took the time to share
with us.   We should be grateful to anyone troubling to hold up the
mirror.  If we find it distorted, and wonder why that soul searching should
begin at home. When we finally show those questions, we must do so in a way
that encourages and rewards the courage shown.  Little I've read on this
list since the convention has conveyed we are able to do this, much less
that we are committed to doing so.

Thanks for your consideration.

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