* Corwin Brust <cor...@bru.st> [2021-04-30 21:29]:
> Please reread the threads with an eye to how much good the topics most
> favored on this list have done and will do to draw people and
> public opinion to our cause.  I hope and expect we can move forward with a
> better tone and clearly visible mutual respect.  What I have seen is that
> our "work environment" has been and is becoming increasingly toxic.

I don't agree that discussions with disagreements should be called
toxic, that generalizes things.

IMHO, people did not speak enough, some are taking sides, some are
neutral, there are conflicts, and it is very good that people exchange
opinions and communicate. That is the best, as the communication alone
is minimizing the tensions.

By communicating more, we will also achieve clearly visible mutual

Also note that when speaking of respect one has to look into related
factors. As when a person gets hit in the face and defends, it is not
appropriate to just come along and say: hey guys, calm down, you are
behaving badly. As maybe both of them will feel injustice and lack of
understanding on observer's side. And maybe one of them was simply hit
without good reason.

What could move towards solving the conflict is to say "what
happened"? And then discussion about that could solve it.

Or maybe, who told you something bad about RMS?

As often are people in the conflict because of rumours.


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