* Corwin Brust <cor...@bru.st> [2021-04-30 21:29]:
> Thanks Andrea.
> On Wed, Apr 28, 2021 at 12:08 PM Andreas Enge <andr...@enge.fr> wrote:
> > I call out to the moderators of these mailing lists, if moderation indeed
> > still exists there, to act against such hate mail by Jean Louis singling
> > out an individual whose actions they disagree with:
> >
> > Am Thu, Apr 22, 2021 at 10:12:13AM +0300 schrieb Jean Louis:
> > > Ludovic Courtès (Guix)
> > > Ludovic Courtès
> > > Ludovic Courtès
> > > Ludovic Courtès
> >
> > This cannot be qualified but as personal harrassment.
> >
> Cosigned.

Nonsense. No personal harassment involved. I am not hater. That is

As I have not written to Ludovic, it cannot be personal harassment. If
my comments are felt by Ludovic as intense feelings of suffering, I
prefer Ludovic telling me that.

You misquoted me Andresa, I don't appreciate that, as I did not write
four times, one after the other Ludovic's name.

Was it me who started split of the GNU project and presented it on
this GNU mailing list? Or was it you?

In that email, which you misquoted there was me:

- asking you if you represent the AntiGNU assembly? No answer.

- analyzing your groups being divisive, dividing the community

- having personal issues, mixing it with the group's purposes

- infringement of copyrights on your domain gnu.tools, which you did
  not address until today, that I know

- I said Ludovic is not GNU project leader, he could kind of pretend,
  but is not

- I said that I consider him criminal for his public harassment and
  illegal attempt to take-over non-profit such as FSF, and I said I
  consider him criminal. Why? Because criminals want to take what is
  not theirs. Because criminals will accuse others of what they are
  doing themselves. That is my opinion. Since 2019, Ludovic is keeping
  that harassing statement on Guix website, and I asked him to provide
  evidences in 2019, all what he could say was the Glibc abortion
  joke. LOL.

  It is my right to say what I wish and want.

  In 2019, I have asked rekado on IRC to open up the page for public
  comments, he refused. Then I have gathered public comments from
  other websites and published it.

  Your group is not transparent. Don't expect that people don't talk
  about it. I said minimum, other people said so much, and your group
  still behaves so much rightous and free of impunity.

That is not personal harassment, as I did not write to Ludo. I don't
consider it harassment at all, neither I have personally anything
against you Andreas nor Ludo, I appreciate your work, just that I see
your group is confused with directions.

For as long as Guix is keeping the unfounded public shaming page
there, I will keep my pages.

As soon as Guix retracts their pages, I will retract my pages. I think
that is a fair deal.


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