Thanks, all, for advice. Just not happening, though. I can see the latest
file in a directory, but get "file not found" when clicking on it. By now,
a lot of lost work. Am I correct in assuming that unlike commercial
software, gnucash doesn't save itself back to the application
automatically, even if you "save" automatically? In other words, what
you're paying for is not to deal with the log files, but to save and then
later click on the icon and have it be where and as you left it?

Gnucash is more accessible than Quickbooks from within (e.g., all accounts
have registers), though the "save" complexity, and existence of multiple
text files, log files, etc., to be managed aren't mentioned in the
manual/tutorial. I'm accustomed to assuming that it's all user error, e.g.,
life itself -- correct in this instance? Is there a patch to save and
access Gnucash like a commercial, e.g. Intuit, program?


Jonathan Ames, PhD
Clinical Psychologist
415 N. Tioga Street
Ithaca NY 14850
607-319-5118 - Office
607-227-4792 - Cell


On Mon, Feb 5, 2018 at 1:19 PM, Jonathan Ames <> wrote:

> I am a 71 yo solo psychologist, not particularly patient, unable to
> install Gnucash: every time I save, another icon appears on desktop;
> accounts, files I create disappear (“not found”) despite being saved.
> Wondering if this program requires programming skills to set up: other
> non-programmers seem it use it. Idea was to link office Windows 10 and home
> Mac (Sierra) systems through iCloud, replacing Windows-only Quickbooks and
> Mac Quicken. Is Gnucash basically for the IT-savvy, i.e. getting stable
> version established on systems so they work like standard software? Also,
> can Windows and Mac versions maintain same data sets? Will guidebook help,
> of is it that if you’re having my sort of issues you’re too stupid?
> Many thanks,
> Jonathan Ames, Ph.D.
> 415 N. Tioga Street #205
> Ithaca NY 14850
> Office: 607-319-5118 <(607)%20319-5118>
> Cell: 607-227-4792 <(607)%20227-4792>

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