On 2/11/2018 10:04 PM, Jonathan Ames wrote:
Thanks, all, for advice. Just not happening, though. I can see the latest
file in a directory, but get "file not found" when clicking on it. By now,
a lot of lost work. Am I correct in assuming that unlike commercial
software, gnucash doesn't save itself back to the application
automatically, even if you "save" automatically? In other words, what
you're paying for is not to deal with the log files, but to save and then
later click on the icon and have it be where and as you left it?

No, "commercial products" are equally unlikely to save the data "in the application". Another application MIGHT have some default DATA location where it does its saves (I will give examples in a moment) but note that this is practical/possible ONLY if able to make the assumption that there will be only ONE "data file".

Take something like FireFox (I am intentionally choosing a non-commercial app to show you that "commercial" has nothing to do with this). When you install the program (well first time run as opposed to install) it creates a data directory in the "application data" directory and that is where it will store things. It is "first time run" because almost all modern operating systems support multiple users. So when opened (by a user) it looks in the expected place, if found, it uses that data, if not found decides "ah, first time for this user" and creates it << that process allowing the user to choose various preferences which will be saved there >>

Gnucash cannot do this because it supports MULTIPLE BOOKS. Only some of its data can be saved in a common location.

So the first time you save a set of books you have to tell gnucash "where to put THIS one" (what to call it, what directory will it live in, etc.) Perhaps you are also thinking about the "did not create an shortcut icon on my desktop" at the same time. That again is behavior more useful IF can assume that there would be only one. If you want icons on your desktop acting as shortcuts to your files, create them.

Michael D Novack
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