I have asked these questions previously, but haven’t understood the answers. I 
have basically no experience with non-commercial software,
and/or may be otherwise unworthy to use Gnucash.

- I want to use Gnucash for both personal and business purposes. I am typing 
now on Mac/Sierra; I am wondering if I can access the same Gnucash accounts 
from my Windows 10 computer at my office, assuming program is placed in cloud 
(e.g., iCloud, Google Drive). Not simultaneously, though perhaps several 
times/day from each. To date, the windows computer comes back with 'file not 
found’, though I’ve installed on both.

- I started setting up on the Mac — and generated a huge number of log files; 
disposal of which seems to require IT savvy beyond what is needed for Quicken, 
YNAB, et al. (despite the ease of use assurances). It appears the commercial 
programs either don’t generate them, or hide them in a log folder. They are 
covering my (Mac) desktop, and/or spreading like wildfire in ‘All My Files’. Is 
this the price one pays for free software — i.e., having to constantly clean 
up? Also, are these files important to save, or can they be deleted? Samples 

Attachment: Gnucash 170715.gnucash.20180310190300.log
Description: Binary data

Attachment: Whatnow Connect 180207.gnucash.20180211145646.log
Description: Binary data

Attachment: Gnucash 170715.gnucash.20180318114241.log
Description: Binary data

Attachment: Gnucash 170715.gnucash.20180318113929.log
Description: Binary data

Attachment: Gnucash 170715.gnucash.20180318113818.log
Description: Binary data

Attachment: Gnucash 170715.gnucash.20180317232102.log
Description: Binary data

These were generated by repeated attempts to work with Gnucash. The learning 
curve seems to be:

1. Data is organized information.
2. Data can be letters or numbers.
3. To propagate the bilateral asymmetry along the sequence, one simply 
factor-analyzes the cosign of the tertiary
 radicals appearing within the Fibonacci Sequence generated by the Grunt 
Imperative Command (GIC) 

- get my point?

Any help appreciated — again. Again, 1. Non-simultaneous access by several 
computers/OS with the application placed in cloud’ 2. Understanding & Dealing 
with excess files generated by simple operations.

Many thanks.
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