Just to amplify a little bit on Kevin's answers. If you are opening a file
generated at home using Gnucash on your home computer, the copy of Gnucash
running on your work computer cannot know where your files are located until
it is has opened a file for the first time. You have to use file open to
connect to the copy of the file in yourGoogleDrive/Dropbox/iCloud etc. Once
you have opened the file and saved to that location or even just closed it
again, Gnucash should remember that location in future. 

A lot of commercial software takes decisions away from you by default to
simplify use for new users. Those decisions can usually be overridden by
changing the options or Preferences and Gnucash is no exception. Gnucash by
default creates a new file in either the folder/directory which was last
opened in Gnucash or in the case of an initial startup usually in the user's
home directory or whatever it is called by the various operating systems
(Linux/OSX-MacOS/Windows etc).  

The FAQs on the wiki (
<>  ) and the documentation (Help
<>   and the
Tutorial and Concpts guide (
<>   are the best places
to start but for very specific questions searching the archives can also
help but older information in the archives can sometimes be out of date.

David Cousens

David Cousens
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