James Triplett wrote:
> On (06/04/18 11:08), Steve Parry wrote:
>> Date: Fri, 6 Apr 2018 11:08:57 +1000
>> From: Steve Parry <spa...@vidar.com.au>
>> To: 'Gnucash Users' <gnucash-user@gnucash.org>
>> Subject: Addition of Mailing List Subject Prefix
>> Reply-To: spa...@vidar.com.au
>> Hi everyone (especially Admins).
>> Just wondering if you can add an automatic Subject Prefix in MailMan to
all emails from this list (eg [GNC]) so that list emails have a subject
like "[GNC] This is a sample Subject". This will enable faster
>> identification of the mailing list emails (of which there are many)
when eye scanning and the option to have a mail client rule to filter
them into a separate folder.
> I think it's a great idea.  My email client makes this Subject Prefix
stand out very nicely.
> Yes, of course, I could design a filtering algorithm that could re-sort
my mail, blah, blah, blah.
> But the eye does it very nicely (in my INBOX of about a thousand items,
receiving about 100 per day).
> cheers,
> James
> (email sysadmin but newbie GC user)

I've put in GNC for this list, and GNC-dev for the development list. While
others have mentioned filtering on the "To" field, it's also been
necessary to filter on the "CC" field.

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