Am 08.04.2018 um 01:56 schrieb Steve Parry:
> Hi Frank. 
> Adding a prefix does not stop you continuing your method, and at the same 
> time also meets the request of us "dinosaurs" 😊
> Cheers...Steve

We have this annoyimg prefix on Gnucash-de. And everytime you change the
subject, it gets inserted again:

[gnucash-de] Original Theme
[gnucash-de] More specific Theme; was: [gnucash-de] Original Theme
then user inserts it's own tag
[gnucash-de][SOLVED][gnucash-de] More specific Theme; was: [gnucash-de]
Original Theme
Ending with no longer showing the theme because of too many tags.

From RFC 2822:  Each line of characters MUST be no more than 998
characters, and SHOULD be no more than 78 characters, excluding the CRLF.

Currently every reply moves the real content more to the right.

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