> On Apr 7, 2018, at 7:20 PM, Steve Cohen <stevec...@gmail.com> wrote:
> On 04/07/2018 09:38 AM, John Ralls wrote:
>>> On Apr 6, 2018, at 8:06 PM, Steve Cohen <stevec...@gmail.com 
>>> <mailto:stevec...@gmail.com>
>>> <mailto:stevec...@gmail.com <mailto:stevec...@gmail.com>>> wrote:
>>> On 04/06/2018 02:39 PM, John Ralls wrote:
>>>>> On Apr 6, 2018, at 12:34 PM, Steve Cohen <stevec...@gmail.com 
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>>>>> On 04/06/2018 02:22 PM, John Ralls wrote:
>>>>>>> On Apr 6, 2018, at 11:39 AM, Steve Cohen <stevec...@gmail.com 
>>>>>>> <mailto:stevec...@gmail.com>
>>>>>>> <mailto:stevec...@gmail.com <mailto:stevec...@gmail.com>>> wrote:
>>>>>>> I'm newly retired and have some time ...
>>>>>>> I have Ubuntu 14.0.4. I'm running GnuCash 2.6.1.
>>>>>>> But if I'm willing to build, is there any inherent reason why building
>>>>>>> 3.0 will fail in this environment?  If not, I'll be willing to
>>>>>>> make the
>>>>>>> effort.  I'd be glad for any information about bumps in the road I
>>>>>>> should know about in advance.
>>>>>> We're using 14.04 for one of the CI builds, so you shouldn't have
>>>>>> any trouble. You might want to examine 
>>>>>> https://github.com/Gnucash/gnucash/blob/unstable/util/ci/ubuntu-14.04-docker
>>>>>> to copy the packages you need to install.
>>>>>> Regards,
>>>>>> John Ralls
>>>>> Thank you John.  I'm noticing that the README file (from within the 3.0
>>>>> tarball) is for version 2.6.x.  Are more recent build instructions
>>>>> available elsewhere?
>>>> The best current build instructions are cmake/README_CMAKE.txt.
>>>> Regards,
>>>> John Ralls
>>> Thanks!
>>> After a few hours of false starts, I managed to build GnuCash 3.0 on my
>>> Ubuntu 14.0.4 system.
>>> I had to use this command line:
>>> cmake -D ALLOW_OLD_GETTEXT=ON -D GTEST_ROOT=~/src/gtest/googletest -D
>>> GMOCK_ROOT=~/src/gtest/googlemock ~/src/gnucash
>>> The ALLOW_OLD_GETTEXT was necessary because I only had an earlier
>>> version of gettext and could find no way to install the required version
>>> without compiling it too and I didn't want to enter that path.  What
>>> negative features will result from doing this, and is it avoidable under
>>> this environment?
>>> I haven't tried installing it yet.  Will it be necessary to uninstall
>>> the old one first, and what happens to my datafiles if I do that.  In
>>> other words, what's the upgrade path here?
>> For your personal use, no effect at all. It just means that some types
>> of files don’t have their translatable strings extracted into the
>> message catalog. That affects only translators working from git instead
>> of a tarball.
>> Regards,
>> John Ralls
> OK, I built it.  It seems to run, look nice, in general, it seems to
> work.  Haven't given it any difficult test yet.  But, why does the
> Help->About screen say it's version 2.7.8, when I built from the 3.0
> tarball?

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Hmm, it shouldn’t say that. The MacOS build that should be from the same 
tarball says 3.0 on 
Help->About. Did you get the tarball from SourceForge or Github?

John Ralls
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