Thank you for your response. I have checked out the New Transaction Report
in Gnucash 3.0, and so far as I can tell, it does not provide Consolidation

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On 16 April 2018 at 18:06, Geert Janssens <>

> Op maandag 16 april 2018 11:30:19 CEST schreef Peter Jackson:
> > In my experience Gnucash 3.0 will not open when installed over v2.6.21.
> > I surmise that this is because of certain Saved Reports.
> There are indeed issues with loading saved reports on Windows. I believe
> several bugs were reported on this and we're still catching up. This
> should
> get fixed for gnucash 3.1.
> > I have clean-installed 3.0 on a second Windows 10 PC, and it opens my
> > database, and is neat and fast.
> > My problem is how can I migrate reports, particularly the Consolidated
> > Transaction report released by Cindy Doughty in March 2017 on which I
> > depend heavily.
> It would be worth checking out the new transaction report in gnucash 3.x.
> It
> has been greatly enhanced with several ideas taken from Cindy Doughty's
> report. Though perhaps after the saved report loading issues are fixed.
> I was going to suggest to try a nightly build, but apparently they are
> broken
> right now. We'll look into that as well.
> Regards,
> Geert
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