I am trying out moving to 3.7 from the 2.6 series.

Looks good so far, I can't tell the difference, which to me is a good thing,

One thing though - the list of open accounts across the top of the screen. Notebook tabs I think they are called.

In 2.6.12 I have 12 accounts open with space for 3 or 4 more. They all have close buttons on them, and every bit of text is readable.

In 3.7 I have 12 accounts open, but to fit them on the screen I have had to change preferences --> windows to width 7. Which makes the account names unreadable. And there is no more space to open other accounts.

is there a way to bring back the old behaviour? It looks like someone has tried to pretty things up, but it has made it unusable.


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