On 3/12/19 8:58 pm, Geert Janssens wrote:
In 2.6.12 I have 12 accounts open with space for 3 or 4 more. They all
have close buttons on them, and every bit of text is readable.

In 3.7 I have 12 accounts open, but to fit them on the screen I have had
to change preferences --> windows to width 7. Which makes the account
names unreadable. And there is no more space to open other accounts.

is there a way to bring back the old behaviour? It looks like someone
has tried to pretty things up, but it has made it unusable.
The "someone" in that sentence is the upstream gtk project. We depend on their
code to create the graphical user interface for gnucash. When Gtk switched
from version 2 to 3, they redesigned all of the user interface elements the
gtk library provides. In many cases the new elements take up more space as you

As to what can be done about it: you can tweak the style sheet used by gnucash
to render the user interface elements on screen. Starting points for this can
be found here:

Thanks Geert,
I'm both super happy that I can do something about it, and also sad to find out that all 
those threads that ended in "fix the CSS" apply to me. I was hoping it wouldn't 
be the case but kind of expecting it. I will report back with results.

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