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> Christian Grothoff transcribed 34K bytes:
>> Dear all,
>> <management>
>> I think this is the time where I have to disclose a major unfortunate
>> development (but which may be resolved soon without too much drama).
>> Basically, GNUnet e.V. has received a cease and desist letter from
>> Deutsche Telekom AG (DTAG) over the use of the letter "T" in the logo on
>> Taler.net.  Now, the logo was created by Inria, and Inria hosts the Web
>> site (and Inria and Taler Systems SA are threatened separately by DTAG)
>> so basically our position (GNUnet e.V. Vorstand) is that we are not
>> responsible for the "T" (and Inria has since then changed the logo).
> Wow, just wow! It's not like someone would've confused the old logo
> and what's there now. It's not even telekom-pink. Frustrating how
> companies can have power over use of one letter.
>> Regardless, this unpleasentness should serve as a stark reminder that
>> under current law corporations can OWN letters, and if the letter "T"
>> (or "t", in any font or color, in any logo that may possibly resemble
>> two lines crossing at an angle) is asserted by DTAG to be their
>> property, there is a chance that any logo resembling a "V" may be
>> asserted to be owned by another billion-dollar company and *we* cannot
>> finance a 500k decade-long lawsuit to demonstrate the contrary.
>> Thus, I think that choosing a logo that may remotely resemble a letter
>> is dangerous in today's world, and while the proposed logo is nice, it
>> is too close to a "V" (and one of the more extreme legal advice we got
>> over the "T" was that even _possibly_ violating an existing trademark
>> without legal advice from a lawyer would be negligent and could cause
>> GNUnet's Vorstand to be held personally liable for financial damages to
>> tens of thousands of Euros just for the other party's legal costs).  Not
>> fun. So let's be VERY careful about the new logo...
> Couldn't we apply for trademark of the name GNUnet to be on the safe
> side? That would just be Switzerland or Germany, depending on who applies.
> It's not a good solution, but who knows what some random company is
> daydreaming of...
>> </management>
>> <sarcasm>
>> I read reports that DTAG also applied for a trademark on the term
>> "internet". So at least there we are safe.
>> </sacrasm>
>> More below...
>> On 05/17/2018 04:07 PM, Schanzenbach, Martin wrote:
>>>> A very good reference for all of this is this website: 
>>>> https://www.zeronet.io/en
>>>> The only problem with that is that it's kind of like a visiting card.
>>>> Another reference, which is good, is this website: https://freifunk.net/en/
>>>> Additionally, what the second website makes better than the first 
>>>> reference, is that it's not just a visiting card. It strongly interacts 
>>>> with the audience. It gives impulse to click on videos, zoom into maps 
>>>> dynamically displaying what's going on in the free wireless network that 
>>>> this project Freifunk is all about.
>>> Agreed. I am not sure, but isn't there a redesign in the works? Who does 
>>> it? And is there progress or is it done behind closed doors? (Just asking)
>> Not at all, the Git repository for the main page (under development) is
>> at  https://gnunet.org/git/www.git/
>> Now, the plan is that some parts will be generated, like the texinfo
>> handbook in gnunet.git will be HTMLized and put online in the usual way,
> - where we agreed (I think?) for deploying them on docs.gnunet.org with some
>  structure.
>  I'd like to have documentation of more than just gnunet on there (gnunet-gtk,
>  gnunet-python, etc etc).
>> and the IRC bots (will/are being?) rewritten to avoid the Drupal-ness.
> - the plan here was to use what powers botbot.me, at least Devan porposed
>   this.
>> Similarly, the goal is to convert the existing bibiography data to
>> anonbib-style.  I don't know where the repos for those are (ng0 ought
>> to), but they should be opened to all as soon as there is something there.
> - https://gnunet.org/git/gnunetbib.git/, which is progressing with extreme
>  slowness (as is my work on anonbib itself), contributors *really* welcome
>  and more than just wanted! basically you try to build the bib and see it 
> crash,
>  track down the right link. enter data of gnunet, or something like that.
>  It's been too long since I've looked at it. It's mostly selfexplanatory, but
>  if you are in doubt, ask on this list.

Sorry for highjacking this thread but: When I tried a make I got a lot of 
errors regarding double quotes "}}" that were basically wrong. Did that happen 
in some kind of auto conversion?
After fixing around 30 of those I get this error:

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "writeHTML.py", line 249, in <module>
    writePageSet(config, bib, tag)
  File "writeHTML.py", line 157, in writePageSet
  File "writeHTML.py", line 109, in writeHTML
  File "writeHTML.py", line 49, in writeBody
    print >>f, e.to_html(cache_path=cache_path, base_url=base_url)
  File "/Users/schanzen/gnunet/gnunetbib/BibTeX.py", line 603, in to_html
    htmlAuthors = [ a.htmlizeWithLink() for a in self.parsedAuthor ]
TypeError: 'NoneType' object is not iterable
make: *** [all] Error 1


>>> I am not entirely sold on the values thing in general but I would be open 
>>> to discuss this. I am particularly afraid that ill defined values or 
>>> "virtues" will attract all kinds of indoctrinated bigots. We should 
>>> primarily offer a tool built on principles, not a biased or political 
>>> worldview (although I know particularly CG might disagree).
>> I agree we need to be careful here.  But I also think GNU is a political
>> project, and the principles should be derived from
>> ethical/moral/political convictions.  I recently added this to the
>> preface of the manual:
>> """
>> GNUnet is not merely a technical project, but also a political
>> mission: like the GNU project as a whole, we are writing software to
>> achieve political goals with a focus on the human right of
>> informational self-determination.  Putting users in control of their
>> computing has been the core driver of the GNU project. With GNUnet we
>> are focusing on informational self-determination for collaborative
>> computing and communication over networks.
>> The Internet is shaped as much by code and protocols as by its
>> associated political processes (IETF, ICANN, IEEE, etc.), and its
>> flaws are similarly not limited to the protocol design.  Thus,
>> technical excellence by itself will not suffice to create a better
>> network. We also need to build a community that is wise, humble and
>> has a sense of humor to achieve our goal to create a technical
>> foundation for a society we would like to live in.
>> """
>> Martin, is this something you would disagree with?  There are various
>> discussions within the GNU project about the need for humor, including
>> it utility against tyranny and authoritarianism, and if you have
>> relevant remarks on this topic I might feed them into the discussion.
>>> I am actually not sure if GNUnet has a clear value definition.
>> GNU has IMO clear values, and those are what we aspire to. More shall
>> not be required, less is not acceptable. But of course GNU's values have
>> maybe more specific articulations in a networking context, which might
>> be need to be made explicit in that context. ;-).
>>>> But then at least additionally some technical key features, bullet points, 
>>>> should be dropped: Things like 'distributed', 'anonymous P2P', 
>>>> 'Filesharing', 'creating a anonymous and distributed replacement for the 
>>>> old insecure Internet' - it's just something early adopters expect to be 
>>>> faced with, are looking for, and get very attentive and attracted to.
>>>> It's okay, if these drops are pretty bold and ambitious, because they make 
>>>> clear what the project strives for to be or become, and that attracts 
>>>> people who want the same, building up momentum into the desired direction 
>>>> of the project.
>>> Agreed.
>>> Nice post.
>> If you look at the new design (very rough early draft) at
>> https://gnunet.org/git/www.git/tree/index.html.j2
>> I think it addresses your points already (maybe imperfectly, but as I
>> said: early draft).
>> One major benefit of the new site will be that it should be easier for
>> anyone to suggest (or even make) modifications via Git, and you are all
>> welcome to participate in this process today (now that you can hopefully
>> all find the 'www.git' ;-)).
>> Happy hacking!
>> Christian
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