On 10 Apr 2018, at 07:13, Sebastian Reitenbach <sebas...@l00-bugdead-prods.de> 
> Hi,
> Am Dienstag, April 10, 2018 00:28 CEST, Riccardo Mottola 
> <riccardo.mott...@libero.it> schrieb: 
>> Hi,
>> On 2018-04-07 18:04:12 +0000 David Chisnall <gnus...@theravensnest.org> 
>> wrote:
>>>> No idea if either of them are relevant, but I’ve just pushed two fixes for 
>>>> > memory-related errors in -base.  One writes some data through an > 
>>>> uninitialised pointer when an exception is thrown and the platform doesn’t 
>>>> > provide backtrace.  The other treats things as GSString instances even 
>>>> if > they aren’t and so can potentially dereference an invalid pointer.
>>>> Either of these could cause random crashes in some usage on some platforms.
>> unfortunatley not. I still get a hard crash while running "plmerge". For me 
>> it is OpenBSD only, but I got that Gregory has issues on linux to.
>> I was able to compile with debug and get a better starcktrace, although I 
>> think it is corrupted and loops.. or we have some case of /thread recurision
> while debugging GNUMail, I also tried gnustep-base from git, and I saw the 
> very same backtrace, when I tried to rebuild gnustep-gui afterward. 
> Threre I saw it happen in make_services.

This looks like the bug with non-fragile ivars appearing to have different 
offsets in different libraries.  If I give you a clang patch, are you able to 
test it?


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