I was experimenting the usage of pipeline templates (in version 18.1) and 
It seems to me that the creation of a pipeline template drives to the fact 
that the owner of the pipeline looses the ability of changing that 
pipeline. The scenario is this one:

Pipeline U1 is created, a certain role is created and assigned to both the 
user and the pipeline (Admin permissions).
User U1 is now Admin for pipeline X.
User U2 is NOT Admin for pipeline X, he users other pipeline groups / 
User U2 decides to create a template for a pipeline and uses the “Extract 
from pipeline” option, selecting pipeline X as source.
A template is created and now, U1 can’t edit the pipeline because it’s now 
based on a template and he won’t be able to do so until the GO System 
Administrator provides access to the template itself. U2, which created the 
pipeline template is now admin for it.
U2 has now removed the capability for U1 to modify the pipeline X for which 
U1 is the owner. More, U2 can now edit the template and influence a 
pipeline for which he is not the Administrator.

Did I test something in wrong way?
Is this the expected behaviour? It doesn't seem to be reasonable.

Thank you


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