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--- Elisabeth Carvalho wrote:
> Having said that, any serious economist has to be
> gravely concerned with India's population. Even the
> article link that someone provided on this forum had
> this to say:
Mario responds:
A serious economist is one who observes and accepts
reality, based on factual observations of how the
world actually works, not plausible but failed
theories that have been consistently wrong for over
200 years.
Why you continue to defend the indefensible in the
face of such a lengthy body of evidence is beyond me. 
As a true liberal, you may just love the feeling of
being concerned, which enables you to "know" what's
good for everyone else, better than they do :-))  For
a liberal there's no fun in letting millions of people
make micro decisions based on enlightened self
interest.  After all, what do THEY know.  They're just
ignorant peasants.  Your liberal soul-mate, Cornel,
describes anyone who agrees with you two as "educated"
and those who don't as "uneducated".
But then, it's all provisional.
In 1947 India had a population of somewhere around 350
million and was experiencing famines frequently. 
Today, with a population that exceeds 1 billion, India
is a net exporter of food.
If there is famine in India, as your source reports,
it is being well hidden from everyone else.  If India
is still lagging, after the economic boom since they
jettisoned socialism, it is because "liberalization"
is not occurring fast enough.
Elisabeth writes:
> It is true that you are either a Malthusian
> economist or you are not. For better or for worse. 
> I am. The basic premise of Malthus' paper was never 
> really wrong.
Mario replies:
How can you continue to believe in an economic theory
that has never been right?  "For better or for worse"
is for married couples - even if your husband has been
wrong for 200+ years :-))  If an economic theory has
been wrong that long there is only one rational
conclusion.  It is wrong.
You remind me of those in the US who insist that
Kennedy, Reagan and Bush "cut taxes", even though the
tax receipts by the US Treasury increased sharply
after all three so-called tax cuts.  The reason is
Kennedy, Reagan and Bush did not "cut taxes", they cut
income tax rates, which expanded the economy and
resulted in an increase in actual taxes to the
It's the difference between static and dynamic
economic analyses.  Economics is dynamic, not static. 
People respond to circumstances, do not just succumb
to their environment.  Malthus has been wrong for the
same reason the "tax cut" hand wringers have been
wrong.  His pessimism was based on static analyses,
the world is dynamic.  This is why Malthus, while
sounding plausible to liberals itching to get their
hands on the economy, he has been wrong for over 200
Elisabeth writes:
> That resources are not infinite and that
> unchecked populations will be detrimental. 
Mario replies:
Sounds plausible doesn't it?  The problem is that the
resources that we need change over time.  If one gets
scarce, it's price rises to the point where those same
people who you would like to flush down the toilet
through "population control", the euphemism for
abortion, come up with alternative resources.
Elisabeth writes:
> India is poised to become the most populous country
> by the year 2015. Heaven help us all.
Mario answers:
Heaven will have helped us if this really comes to
pass.  That is the same population where the cure for
cancer will come from, the cure for HIV/AIDS since you
liberals object to keeping it zipped up [:-))] the
next green revolution, the next energy source that
will make petroleum obsolete, etc. etc. etc.
Halleluia, I can't wait!!!  What a great world.
Join the optimists, Elisabeth.  If for no other reason
that we optimists will never let the pessimists
succeed in putting or keeping us down:-))

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