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--- cornel <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Mario
> Pull the other leg it has bells on it.You draw a
> fine distinction to take credit for yourself while 
> ridiculing others. Not many are amused by your 
> antics as the posts on Goanet indicate.
Mario responds:
Cornel, unlike you, I supplement any ridicule I use in
very rare and extreme situations - for example all
your recent posts, repeating over and over again your
belief that 2 + 2 is only "provisionally" equal to 4 -
with detailed explanations of my position.
Here we again see that your response to my detailed
and logical explanation is sadly lacking in any
specifics, any facts, or any logic.
Why are you so reluctant to be specific, when
everything you say is "provisional"? :-))

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