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I wonder if we're not doing our guardians a great disservice
here...."..just a few gadgets and some image processing"??
Sounds rather simplistic. Whilst western police forces have
advanced considerably in their social standing as a career
choice, Third World police jobs have plummeted economically.
Western (US, EU, Can, AU) policemen average a monthly
take-home pay of $5,000 - on par with a good govt. job or
high-school teacher in the west (the 3 coveted job areas).

Contrast this with our poor havaldars who earn under $100
monthly, all the Pay Commissions notwithstanding. Actually
most Third World (NE Europe, SE Asia, S. America & Africa)
police forces are corrupt not because they 'want' to, but
simply because they have to!! How do cops in these deprived
nations (they all average $100 monthly) support a wife and
kids, pay school fees, household expenses, etc on $ 3 a day, all
the while whole families sharing 'dormitory' style accomodation
in slum-like dingy barracks or 'police-lines' separated by no more
than a torn curtain?! Do you wonder at their high suicide rates?

What I can remark about India is that 'officers' higher up in the
echelon are far better off than the ordinary havaldar, profiting
themselves from an unprecedented 'hafta' system of unauthorised
monthly deductions from their juniors, further worsening their
plight. Look at the similarly crippled police forces in S. America and
esp. Brazil as they battle the bikers, the vigilantes, the anti-police
assasins. All horribly paid. At least Goan police vehicles function. In
the Balkans, or even throughout Africa '911' simply doesn't exist
as the police refuse to come saying their vehicles 'have no fuel !'.

Having said that, there is hope yet for our forces particularly after
the advent of Kiran Bedi and Julio Ribeiro (of course wiping out the
memory of that infamous KPS Gill!). The fault really, is ours, dog
biscuits notwithstanding. The yearly budgetary allocations for the
police are the worst in our central & state govts. It is the greedy
politicians who are stealing from our police and not the police who
give us poor service. Join Floriano in kicking out the rotten politicians
and giving our police better pay. Then take our havaldars to task.

With the prices of essentials doubling and tripling in Goa, raising police
pay drastically is the need of the hour. Mind you, elsewhere it could
be relative. A couple of years back, in Russia I spoke to the police-
chief in Elista (capital of Kalmykia, not far from Chechnya) a gregarious
individual sporting a gigantic handle-bar moustache. He was earning
the princely sum monthly of 1,500 roubles, and living pretty decently
in a depressed economy. But the rouble was exchanging at 30 roubles
to the dollar, which meant his monthly pay-check was the equivalent
of $ 50 ! Try living on that in the modern India (or Goa) of today !

I if wonder if the officer cops of the IPS cadre do better?Why
should our forensics not be at par withthe rest of the world?
Its just a few gadgets and some image processing - a piece of
cake for our IT dudes. What is not is getting these hawaldars
to not put half of the money for equipment in their pockets so they can have a constant supply of batatwadas which I guess is the Indian equivalent of donoughts/donuts?

Come on chaps, get with it. What about sketch artists?
What about fingerprints? What about some forensics,
however basic they maybe. If you can't manage to get a
team trained in forensics, I suggest you rent the enter
season of CSI, available on DVD and make your short-pant
clad Hawaldars watch it...At least give these dogs a biscuit.
I'm sure they take their jobs far more seriously than our policemen.

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