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Good point  Francis. Our halwaldars are very poorly paid while some of the
IPS types enjoy the bribes and the bungalows. But whether its because of
their highly stressed but poorly paid jobs or just because -  some of them
are very cruel  and inhumane to the most helpless of them all - the street
kids, beggars and prostitutes. One incidence that comes to mind is the
little street kid that was crushed under the wheels of the police van at the
Margao police station. My experience with cops in Goa have all been severely
unpleasant. How about yours? Most of us were poorly paid in Goa -I was too.
But some government workers seem to take incivility, rudeness and
callousness to a higher level. Barring one gentleman from the Goa Civil
Service in the Mamlatdar's office in Margao I cant remember anyone with
least bit of courtesy or professionalism and believe me I have been to
plenty of offices and I still haunt those dusty corridors.
As for my comment ...."..just a few gadgets and some image processing"? it
was not to minimize the entire police force of India. It was in response to
"If you can't manage to get a team trained in forensics, I suggest you rent
the enter season of CSI, available on DVD and make your short-pant clad
Hawaldars watch it" . To clarify I meant that we dont need any high
technology from foreign countries or 'training' from our pedestrian American
TV - we have plenty of technology (chromatography,  etc), great technicians
and fine programmers who can set up data bases and develop sophisticated
imaging software but unfortunately we also have corruption.
Also I am sure Elisabeth was kidding with her CSI reference.

I wonder if we're not doing our guardians a great disservice
here...."..just a few gadgets and some image processing"??
Sounds rather simplistic.

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