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Hi Mario, 
We had the good fortune to finally determine the confusion, thanks to Marlon. 
His writings are not the exceptions.  Though his last post was one of the few 
with any specifics facts - if we can call them specific. 
Now the challenge for Goans is how do we correct some of the other inaccurate 
posts / web pages about Goa's history. A few years ago, 
thanks to a vigilant Goan in UK (I  think), we got a British agency to change 
their description of Goans on their web site. They called us descendants of the 
Portuguese.  Due to an e-mail campaign we got that changed within a month. 
Let's hope we have equal success in changing the erroneous statements made by 
others.  I am referring to web pages. Hopefully those who are members of Goanet 
and are reading this thread will take the initiative and change the wording of 
their write-ups.   Another option is to approach the individual who own / run 
the web sites.  In short, those articles are not dissimilar to Marlon's. May be 
they were the sources to his opinion. 

Let me say that I have made my own share of inadvertent mistakes in my 
writings.  But I hope I have not condemned or harmed anyone in those errors.  
The web sources I refer to above, are ready references and resources for those 
who would like to exploit "the facts", take them our of context, or for a 
minimum misunderstand them.  As many have opined, these views can only harm 
Kind Regards, GL

----------- Mario Goveia wrote:

Based on his endless repetitions of deliberately false assertions about the 
opinions of others, hoping no one will notice or remember the facts, it is a 
toss up that he is even quoting his own sources accurately. 
The one thing we can be sure about based on extensive evidence in the archives 
is that his spin will be consistently anti-Christian on the grounds that he is 
really doing Christians a favor by "exposing their insecurities".   

--- Gilbert Lawrence <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote: 
> In your last post you claimed some historical facts. You did so with much 
> confidence (to prove me wrong!).  Obviously as a smart individual, you would 
> not be making a fool of yourself.  So, I can only blame the authors of the 
> books and web pages that you read (as obviously you, like me, were not there 
> in the 16th century).  
> You make my point. And I have made this repeatedly!  Some amateurs are 
> writing these history books, web pages and expressing opinions not supported 
> by facts. This false facts either make their biases; or their bias is the 
> cause for the false facts. The other two reasons may be: plain ignorance, ani 
> sodanchem kaneos muree. 

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