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"">If genuine freedom fighters are alive then they must surrender
>their Tamrapatras in protest against the creation of fake freedom fighters
>by Rane Government as did earlier by BJP and MGP.""
>A. Veronica

The post is much appreciated.

And I , as the party's spokesperson second this proposal of Veronica
Fernandes whole heartedly and call upon Freedom Fighters Shri. Bonifacio
Dias of Mapusa and Shri. Lambert Mascarenhas of La Marvel Colony, Dona Paula
to rise to the occasion and fling (not return) the tamrapatras ( if they are
the recepients) back in the lap of Pratapsing Rauji Rane, for him to do the
next best thing with them.

This singular action by these two senior Goa's freedom fighters will send a
red signal to the rest of the hypocrite frieedom fighters who are being
unwanted suckers on Goa and Goans.

Veronica need not doubt Goa Su-Raj Party's resolve. This Party's very
existance is to 'RIGHT THE WRONGS' no matter who gets hurt. When it will
ultimately hold the reins of Goa's government, the fake and the hypocrite
freedom fighters will be better off running back to Mumbai via Sawantwadi or
elsewhere, for they will have to pay back every naya paisa they have
received fraudulently in the name of being Goa's freedom fighters. The first
among them will be Shri. Flaviano Dias, since the history of what freedom
fighting he has done is all too well recorded on the books of the Goa Su-Raj
Party along with other major hypocrites and loudmouths. Most importantly
Flaviano Dias' role in the rain child of Manohar Parrikar's VCD on Goa's
Freedom struggle will not be forgotten nor forgiven.


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