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The Local Court at Canacona, Goa, has ordered the registration of a FIR in the 
case of the death of a 22-year-old Finnish/Swedish National named Felix Dahl. 
The dead body of Felix was found in suspicious circumstances on 28th January, 
2015, in Patnem village in South Goa.

Felix had come to Goa for holidays in October, 2014. It was reported that Felix 
had gone missing from Mini Goa restaurant in Patnem only four hours before his 
dead body was found on a quiet gravel road 200 meters from the restaurant. The 
police had been called by a local who saw Felix’s dead body lying front her 
house in Patnem 5.30 in the morning of 28th January, 2015. When found, Felix 
had 5 marks on the back of his head, broken skull and severe damages in the 

The local Police of Canacona, having jurisdiction of the crime spot, were 
undergoing investigations through inquest proceedings U/s 174 of Cr.P.C., but 
without registering any FIR. The police filed the case as a natural death and 
reported to the family that Felix fell on the gravel road and hit his head. 
However, the Finnish doctor performing the second autopsy concluded that it was 
impossible to get the damages seen in Felix’s head by falling, and furthermore, 
he had an excessive amount of an over-the-counter antihistamine, pheniramine, 
in his body. Overdose of this medication has mental and physical effects, such 
as dizziness, perturbed vision and mental confusion. An American forensic 
pathologist contacted by Felix’s family estimated that Felix’s death was a 
result of an assault by one or several persons that took place several hours 
before his body was found.

The investigation was concluded by the Canacona Police already in February 
2015, however, they did not close the case. On repeated requests by the Mother 
of the deceased, Minna Pirhonen, from Finland, through various emails and 
telephonic conversations, no attention was paid to recording of the FIR and 
conducting a proper investigation. Instead, they then filed the death as 

Mother of the deceased conducted her own inquiry and found out that Felix had a 
fight in Patnem the previous night with a young martial arts expert and was 
then taken by the police back to Agonda where he lived. The following day he 
had wounds and was afraid and kept asking people if somebody was going to kill 
him. This has also been documented in the investigation of the local police in 
Goa and also further documentation exists.

During Felix’s last evening and night, a local man from Agonda took him to see 
a doctor, after which the said man drove him to Patnem to Mini Goa restaurant. 
After that it was told that Felix run away and the said local man followed him 
by car but told later Felix could not be found. Thereafter the said man 
returned to Agonda to demand Felix’s computer (worth 1.4 Lakh) from the 
restaurant where it had been kept and used by the staff and guests. The said 
local man has been violent in the past.

According to the family, Felix’s wounds and the circumstances around his death 
did not point to an accident. Later in February 2016, when they saw no 
improvement on their son’s case, the mother Minna Pirhonen hired Singhania & 
Co., a legal services firm from Mumbai, wherein they started writing letters to 
the various authorities in India, right from Senior Police officials in Goa, to 
Ministry of Home Affairs.

After intense deliberations with the enforcement authorities, the Advocates at 
Singhania & Co. reached out to the Finnish Embassy for their support and 
intervention. As a result, the Embassy called its Counsel General to watch the 
proceeding at Canacona.

After convincing all the levels of the enforcement authority, and after an 
intense argumentations by the Advocates Shikha Bhura and Rajdeep Lahiri from 
Mumbai office of Singhania & Co., the Authorised Representative of Minna 
Pirhonen, it was left for the local Civil and Criminal Court of Canacona, Goa, 
to order for registration of the FIR thereby allowing the Complaint of Minna 
u/s 302, and also to order the police to file a report about that within one 

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