Hello gophers,

I am going to spend some time on improving the not-documented or
hard-to-use parts of the Go tools. I will mainly focus on go build and go
test. The work will consist of reorganizing manuals, proposing new
subcommands or flags to support commonly used multi-step things and so on.

To give you some concrete examples:

I have been in cases where users cannot find the build flags because they
are hidden. E.g.

    $ go test -help
    test [build/test flags] [packages] [build/test flags & test binary

requires you to know about where the build flags are. Some tools are
invisible for the newcomers.

The other example is about test coverage. It is so tedious that I need an

func gocover() {
    go test -v -coverprofile=coverage.out && go tool cover

I want to learn more about your experience, aliases, etc to propose
improvements and work on the most commonly suggested items. I also am
planning to go through this mailing list, stack overflow and other channels
to see the common complaints.

Feel free to reply to this thread or write to me privately.


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