Hi Jaana,

Thank you for this initiative.

I think currently one of the points that I think that is missing is easy to 
access documentation online.

My use-case is usually around the web and making things easier to access 
from there. Maybe I've got used to the command line for common tasks but 
the things that are really hard to find are the special instructions to the 
go compiler and linker (gcflags and ldflags), like here for 
example: https://godoc.org/cmd/go And having all of this in a single page, 
while convenient can be overwhelming the first few times.

 Also the documentation, while from a godoc point of view logically lists 
the flags and tools / subtools, is rather well hidden for the things that 
you'd search as a newbie and while the Tour tries to teach you some aspects 
of the language, it doesn't show anything related to how to use the tools 
of the language (nor does it show how to install it correctly for example, 
many people still having problems with understanding how to correctly set 
their workspace with env vars and so on).

I think more usage examples should be shown in general, with concrete 
- this is how you test things
- this is how you test things without vendors (which is a major pita right 
now btw)
- this is how you also get the coverage
- this is how you compile and set a random string value at compile time
- etc.

I'll try and come up with more examples later on.

I also see the pattern in other apps where main command has some flags then 
the subcommand has other flags so I guess that's ok, probably introducing 
aliases would make it even more complex to use.

Kind regards,

On Tuesday, October 18, 2016 at 7:54:49 PM UTC+1, Jaana Burcu Dogan wrote:
> Hello gophers,
> I am going to spend some time on improving the not-documented or 
> hard-to-use parts of the Go tools. I will mainly focus on go build and go 
> test. The work will consist of reorganizing manuals, proposing new 
> subcommands or flags to support commonly used multi-step things and so on.
> To give you some concrete examples:
> I have been in cases where users cannot find the build flags because they 
> are hidden. E.g.
>     $ go test -help
>     test [build/test flags] [packages] [build/test flags & test binary 
> flags]
>     ...
> requires you to know about where the build flags are. Some tools are 
> invisible for the newcomers.
> The other example is about test coverage. It is so tedious that I need an 
> alias.
> func gocover() {
>     go test -v -coverprofile=coverage.out && go tool cover 
> -html=coverage.out
> } 
> I want to learn more about your experience, aliases, etc to propose 
> improvements and work on the most commonly suggested items. I also am 
> planning to go through this mailing list, stack overflow and other channels 
> to see the common complaints.
> Feel free to reply to this thread or write to me privately.
> Thanks,

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