Yeah I kinda figured I was coming to this wrong way - my tired brain had an 
unterminated loop. Thanks for the pointers! (all puns intended)

On Wednesday, November 30, 2016 at 5:08:06 PM UTC, 
> Hi, I'm having a bit of a slow day... I'm trying to synchronise two reads 
> from two channels and can't get my fuzzy head round the problem.
> I have a channel containing urls (which will be feed periodically by a 
> named pipe by another program) and I have a cannel which consists of a pool 
> of available workers. I'd like to synchronise these and put a worker into a 
> third channel for active workers if there is a url in the channel and if 
> there is an available worker.
> Ideally I'd be able to do something like:
> go func(urlChan <-chan *url.URL, availableWorkerChan <-chan *worker, 
> activeWorkerChan chan<- *worker){
> for {
> select{
> case w := <-availableWorkerChan && w.Url = <-urlChan:
>     activeWorkersChan <- w
> }
> }
> }(a, b, c)
> But obviously thats not right!
> Can anyone offer my tired brain a clue?
> Cheers!
> Ben

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