You can create your own generic List struct using one of the existing code 
generators like:

and add your own find function to it.

Am Montag, 7. August 2017 16:23:57 UTC+2 schrieb
> Being fairly new to Go, I am trying to evaluate if it s possible and worth 
> to move our huge C++ codebase over to Go.
> 1) append(sliceA, my_new_item) sliceA
> Why can I not append something to a Slice in place, why does it have to 
> return a new Slice?
> 2) find(sliceB, item_i_look_for) int, -1 for not found
> Why can I not find easily search for an item inside a Slice. Every other 
> language I know has this. And I need this in a generic form.
> Or am I missing something entirely here?
> Best
> Martin

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