Volker thanks for the reply. Coming from Python I can do a simple test like

if item in my_array:
   # do something
   # do something else

I can understand that it cannot be that easy in Go (and then, why not, 
"equals" is already defined), but image you
have to use a for-loop every time or a specialized function every time. 
That is awkward and unnecessary.

I agree, that the more complex idea to have a "findFirst" with a dedicated 
matching function
is more complicated, but hey, sort.Slice is the same thing, isn't it? It 
takes a comparison func to return -1, 0, or 1.

func findFirst(slice interface{}, matches func(i int 
<https://golang.org/pkg/builtin/#int>) int)

Just my 0.02. 

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