Hi Serena, here’s a code review.

imports can be grouped with parenthesis:

import (


vars and consts are often grouped this way too. I see this is done 
sometimes but mostly not.

package+type like block.Block could be better named. I’m wondering if these 
sub-packages would be better as files of package derosuite (or package 
dero, dero.Block makes more sense). Having a globals package says to me 
that these horizontal dependencies are unnecessary. The packages should be 
designed to present a godoc, not organize code for internal use.

Perhaps consider struct embedding in cases like this if the exported 
methods aren't a problem:

type Blockchain struct {
    Mempool *mempool.Mempool

type chain_data struct {
    hash crypto.Hash

type Index_Data struct {
    ECDHTuple ringct.ECdhTuple

type CHAIN_CONFIG struct {
    Network_ID uuid.UUID
    Gensis_Block_Hash crypto.Hash

type Connection struct {
    Addr *net.TCPAddr

Usually "func (chain *Blockchain) Block_Exists" would be "func (chain 
*Blockchain) BlockExists". The _ naming pattern makes the lines much longer 
than necessary.

Relying on git to save the history is better than commenting out checked-in 
code, and relying on an issue tracker is better than having these 
dummy_test.go files.

Instead of this in blockchain/blockheader.go:

result.Height =
result.Depth =
result.Difficulty =

Do this:

result = BlockHeader_Print{
    Height: …,
    Depth: …,
    Difficulty: …,

In blockchain/media_test.go the test should be split into cases and the 
test instead of repeating the test logic for every case.

In cmd/explorer/explorer.go a local function "exitErr := func() { 
fmt.Fprintf… }" then:

if err != nil {

may be better than using goto. The error message “Error occurred err %s” is 
redundant, just printing the error may be sensible enough. The audience for 
the error matters though so if a non-technical person may read it then 
perhaps the more verbose version is right.

Editing cmd/explorer/templates.go may be easier if they are separate files 
to be parsed, although maybe having them as part of the binary is right.

I’m wondering if the storage/interface.go Store type is necessary, usually 
an interface is smaller.

In walletapi why not have "type keys" instead of "type _Keys"?


On Sunday, February 18, 2018 at 11:10:14 PM UTC-6, 867crypt...@gmail.com 
> Hello, my name is Serena, I’m the Community Manager at a blockchain 
> project called Dero. We use a protocol called CryptoNote that was 
> originally written in C++. The developers at the Dero Project have 
> rewritten most of the (CryptoNote) codebase to golang and we would like to 
> start some discussion within the development and open source communities.
> The core cryptography and functionally (rewritten in golang) is working 
> and available on GitHub for limited evaluation and testing. We would 
> genuinely value the feedback from this community. The following is what 
> I’ve posted to a couple other communities as well. (I would like to 
> emphasize that this project is currently pre-alpha but your input (the 
> google community) in particular is important to us.)
> *DERO: Privacy + Smart Contracts*
> Dero at present is a code fork of Monero (Helium Hydra) with the Bytecoin 
> CryptoNote protocol.
> Dero will be a completely new blockchain technology integrating the 
> CryptoNote protocol with new smart contract controls.
> *Dero is being rewritten from C++ to Golang (Google Language) to bring 
> together CryptoNote and smart contracts on the Dero blockchain.*
> *CryptoNote protocol implementation in Golang is almost completed and 
> available on GitHub for basic testing/evaluation.*
> *GitHub:* https://github.com/deroproject/derosuite (Golang version for 
> testing purposes only at this time)
> *Bitcointalk:* https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2525508.0
> Dero has a very welcoming community and we would enjoy the opportunity to 
> have you join us!
> *FULL DISCLOSURE:Dero has a very welcoming community and we would enjoy 
> the opportunity to have you join us!*
> *FULL DISCLOSURE:* My name is Serena, I’m the Community Manager at the 
> Dero Project

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