I’ve just reached out to our GPFS architect at IBM.

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Date: Friday, February 2, 2018 at 10:44 AM
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Subject: [gpfsug-discuss] FW: FLASH: IBM Spectrum Scale (GPFS): Undetected 
corruption of archived sparse files (Linux) (2018.02.02)

The link goes nowhere – can anyone point us in the right direction?


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To: Sobey, Richard A <r.so...@imperial.ac.uk>
Subject: FLASH: IBM Spectrum Scale (GPFS): Undetected corruption of archived 
sparse files (Linux) (2018.02.02)


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: IBM Spectrum Scale (GPFS): Undetected corruption of archived sparse files 

IBM has identified an issue with IBM GPFS and IBM Spectrum Scale for Linux 
environments, in which a sparse file may be silently corrupted during archival, 
resulting in the file being restored incorrectly.

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