On Sat, 07 Apr 2018 20:27:49 +0300, "Yaron Daniel" said:
> Main items to take into account :
> 1) What is the latecny you have between the 2 main sites ?
> 2) What network bandwidth between the 2 sites ?
> 3) What is the latency to the 3rd site from each site ?
> 4) Which protocols plan to be used ? Do you have layer2 between the 2  sites 
> , or layer 3 ?
> 5) Do you plan to use dedicated network for GPFS daemon ?

The answers to most of these questions are a huge "it depends". For instance,
the bandwidth needed is dictated by the amount of data being replicated.  The
cluster I mentioned the other day was filling most of a 10Gbit link while we
were importing 5 petabytes of data from our old archive solution, but now often
fits its replication needs inside a few hundred mbits/sec.

Similarly, the answers to (4) and (5) will depend on what long-haul network
infrastructure the customer already has or can purchase. If they have layer 2
capability between the sites, that's an option. If they've just got commodity
layer-3, you're designing with layer 3 in mind.  If their network has VLAN
capability between the sites, or a dedicated link, that will affect the answer
for (5).  And so on...

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