Thanks Jonathan for the offer, but I'd prefer to have this working without 
implementing unsupported options in production. I'd be willing to give it a go 
in my test cluster though, which is exhibiting the same symptoms, so if you 
wouldn't mind getting in touch off list I can see how it works?

I am almost certain that this used to work properly in the past though. My 
customers would surely have noticed a problem like this - they like to say when 
things are wrong 😊


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On Wed, 2018-05-16 at 08:51 +0000, Sobey, Richard A wrote:
> For us the only one that matters is the fileset quota. With or without 
> –perfileset-quota set, we simply see a quota value for one of the 
> filesets that is mapped to a drive, and every other mapped drives 
> inherits the same value. whether it’s true or not.
> Just about to do some SMB tracing for my PMR.

I have a fully working solution that uses the dfree option in Samba if you want.

I am with you here in that a lot of places will be carving a GPFS file system 
up with file sets with a quota that are then shared to a group of users and you 
want the disk size, and amount free to show up  on the clients based on the 
quota for the fileset not the whole file system.

I am really not sure what the issue with the code path for this as it is 35 
lines of C including comments to get the fileset if one exists for a given path 
on a GPFS file system. You open a random file on the path, call gpfs_fcntl and 
then gpfs_getfilesetid. It's then a simple call to gpfs_quotactl.


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