I have the following device embedded in my motherboard.


I use rom-o-matic to grab the b44 image, write to USB device, it does not
find any network device.

I also used the UNDI and INSUONLY images, same result. No device.

I used the 'all drivers' option, and it finds the device as PCI-UNDI....
DHCP successful, too!

Huh?  How can the specific driver not work, the UNDI/UNDIONLY drivers not
work, but then on 'all drivers' image, it's UNDI? Why won't the stand alone
UNDI work?

As a not, the B44, UNDI, and UNDIONLY images show V 1.0.0.  The 'all
drivers' images shows V 1.0.1+.


The currently installed Broadcom Proprietary PXE attempts DHCP, but always
times out. The gPXE, when using the 'all drivers' image, works flawlessly.
If only I could flash 600K+ to EEPROM.....
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