On 12.10.2016 11:59, isukritgupta wrote:
> I calculate a normalisation constant for each iteration of the network
> generated by 'mcmc_equilibrate'.

mcmc_equilibrate() will generate fits of the SBM, i.e. partitions of the
network according to the posterior probability. It will not generate networks.

> This constant is the sum of probabilities
> of each edge existing between all pairs of nodes in the graph. 

No, you should consider only all pairs of nodes that are _not_ connected in
the graph. This is about predicting _missing_ edges.

> To get the actual value of an edge existing in the graph, I divide the
> probability of that edge existing in the graph by the above mentioned
> constant.


(Note that this probability will correspond to the question: Assuming there
is only one missing edge in the network, what is the likelihood of it being
a particular edge? You have to be sure this is what you want to compute.)

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