Hi, professor Peixoto. 
Please forgive me. Comparing carefully, I am still confused about what is
the difference between the example in the documentation and the SIS model in
the paper. I only found that the dolphins network is undirected but the
open-flight network is directed. So should I deal with directed network in a
different way?  

>In the example in the documentation the time series is copied to an
>empty graph, which will be the starting point of the reconstruction.

Should I copy the time series to the open-flight graph directly as

ss = [g.own_property(s) for s in ss]
rstate = gt.EpidemicsBlockState(g, s=ss, beta = None, r=1e-6,
                                state_args=dict(B=1), nested=False)
Why couldn't I use an empty graph as a starting point?

Gege Hou

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