On 09/16/2016 01:02 PM, Martin Landa wrote:
> recently ubuntugis maintainers changed their policy.

Some context about UbuntuGIS seems to be in order.

UbuntuGIS doesn't really have a policy, unlike Debian GIS which does
have a team policy in addition to the Debian Policy.

There are pretty much no active contributors to UbuntuGIS who maintain
backports of the Debian packages for Ubuntu LTS releases, the packaging
work still done for Ubuntu is centred around OSGeo-Live which does get
package updates for its releases.

The lack of development manpower in UbuntuGIS while still having a
sizeable userbase let to Angelos' initiative to copy the Ubuntu packages
from the OSGeo-Live PPAs to the UbuntuGIS PPAs.

If you care about packages for current upstream version on Ubuntu,
consider contributing to UbuntuGIS. Companies relying on UbuntuGIS for
their operations should consider employing someone to work on UbuntuGIS.

> This means that currently is used this workflow:
> OSGeoLive nightly --> UbuntuGIS Testing --> UbuntuGIS Unstable -->
> UbuntuGIS Stable

That's not entirely correct. The recently updated packages in the
UbuntuGIS stable PPA were copied from OSGeo-Live 9.0 whereas the ones in
the UbuntuGIS unstable PPA were copied from OSGeo-Live 9.5 and later
from 10.0.

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