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> Dear PSC,
> after the election of the new PSC, before defining the new chair, may I (as
> a community member) ask you what will be the next task of the PSC?
> when will be the new chair announced?

IMHO we need to have someone besides the current candidate(s) to
organize the election of the chair.
I hoped for some faster pace here :-)

> I think an important first/next step to broaden the dev community may be to
> investigate how new source code management technologies like GIT could be
> implemented beside/instead of svn.

It was on the recent community sprint agenda, with no real outcome.
We do need a git *expert* for this. Anyone?
However, I believe that this topic is more a technical rather than a
political one which belongs to grass-dev.

> There are ongoing some OSGeo initiatives to provide GIT infrastructure for
> OSGeo projects? Will be the GRASS GIS project will use such new
> technologies?

At time there is some experimental setup:

GRASS GIS is obviously already registered there but a git *expert* is
needed. In addition we have to understand how to use git and svn
together (like GDAL appears to do) and when the experimental stage
will be turned into production mode.

> Python 3 is heavily knocking on the door.

IMHO also the Python 3 is a grass-dev topic.

> Will there be some lead of the new PSC regarding these challenges?

For sure the new PSC will do related house keeping but the technical
part should remain in the grass-dev discussion space unless there is a
strong motivation to make it a PSC task.

> Thanks for clarifications!

Urgent is the election of the chair.

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