On Tue, 11 Oct 2016, Laurent C. wrote:

It seems to be a problem from within the temporal framework. I never had
this specific problem before, but I've run into some other obscure errors
using TGRASS.

  To summarize my understanding: Itzi will not work with my current data
because of some issue with a tgrass module; r.lake does show water
accumulation area by depth above a blockage at a defined x, y, z point; and
other r.* modules (e.g., watershed. water.outlet, and sim.water) require
defined stream channels. Have I missed a module that will map precipitation
accumulation and flow across flat agricultural lands?

  A major concern (at least in the US) is nonpoint-source runoff of
pollutants. One such land use is farmland. Regulators attempt to address
such nonspecific-source water quality concerns using total maximum daily
loads/limits (TMDL) to apportion maximum contributions of the parameter of
concern by each potential contributor.

  Is there a grass7 work flow that can be applied to this situation?

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