On 18/10/16 14:27, James Duffy wrote:

I'm using GRASS 7.0.4 on the OSGeoLive pre-built operating system. I
have installed the addon 'i.segment.stats' to use with my output from

When selecting the 'rasters' input for this tool, I choose the original
layers that were used to create the segmented map in the first place.
Upon execution of 'i.segment.stats', i get the following error:

Element type should be "cell" and not "raster.

The above message is just a warning and should not keep the module from working. I just fixed this (r69700), so try reinstalling i.segment.stats.

The tool does not continue and outputs a blank .csv file.

Any help solving this would be much appreciated.

Could you send us the command line used (you can get that by pushing the 'Copy' button in the GUI of the module or through the command history in the GUI 'command console')


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