Hi Moritz,

(warming this post up again ...).

I see your point!
And I am aware, that dependencies might be changed in development versions. 
QGIS has some nightly builds e.g. with ubuntugis dependencies.

Maybe snap could be useful? There does not seem to be a snap for GRASS yet:

If you guys think this is of interest, I could have a look at it in Bonn (and 
maybe join forces with QGIS project if the relevant people for the QGIS snap 
[1,2] are in Bonn too).
I would also consider contributing to packaging, but I have no experience with 
that. So, maybe Martin (as we are on Ubuntu), we can have a short chat in Bonn 
to see if I can be of help there...

Looking forward to seeing you in Bonn!


1: https://github.com/Wollac/snap-qgis
2: https://github.com/elopio/QGIS/blob/snapcraft/snapcraft.yaml

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> I think Stefan means distribution packages.

> Theoretically this is possible. One could create a specific "grass-trunk" 
> package which is packaged in a way to not conflict with the official stable 
> grass version.

> However, I think most distribution packagers are already very busy just 
> handling the stable packages. The difficulty with creating such a grass-trunk 
> package would be that it would have to be repackaged regularly (daily), 
> but this means that whoever used it would have to have exactly the same 
> versions of dependecy packages installed on their machine as on the package 
> build machine.

> And then, which distribution and which version of a distribution should we 
> make packages for ?

> In summary: if you are willing to create such a package against a clearly 
> defined version of a distribution than this would be great, but I don't think 
> you can count on either the core developers of GRASS, nor the packagers of 
> different distributions for doing this.

> Moritz
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