Hi Jochen,

No reverse proxies in front of Graylog and I updated the settings to look 
like this but the error persists (minus the /api reference):

rest_listen_uri =
web_listen_uri =
web_endpoint_uri = http://MY_AWS_RT53_DNS:12900/

  "timezone": "Etc/UTC",
  "smtp_server": "",
  "smtp_port": 587,
  "smtp_user": "",
  "smtp_password": "",
  "smtp_from_email": null,
  "smtp_web_url": null,
  "smtp_no_tls": false,
  "smtp_no_ssl": false,
  "master_node": "",
  "local_connect": false,
  "current_address": "",
  "last_address": "",
  "enforce_ssl": false,
  "journal_size": 1,
  "internal_logging": true,
  "custom_attributes": {


Is the external_rest_uri a valid setting? I am finding more Graylog servers 
in the estate as I investigate, they are running different versions on 
different Linux OS's and they suffer from the same web interface error.

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