Thousands of people killed by the Indian Army in Kashmir  so far has been
brushed aside inside the carpet. On the one hand you say that Kashmir is a
part of India but Kashmiris are to be killed. What does India want? A
geographical map to be owned or an intrinsic relationship with the people
of the region under your geographical map? It is time that the sensible
civil society in India make a comparison of the number of people killed by
the Indian army in Kashmir with the number of people killed by terrorists
in the entire history of terrorism in India. You will find that the State
Terrorism has been several hundred times more vicious in terms of the sheer
volume of human rights violations. This simple logic has to be understood
by everybody who claims to be an Indian. The recent killings of over 100
Kashmiris have become more difficult to be brushed aside inside the carpet
of Delhi. But it is getting justified in another form. How? The villain is
Pakistan who is promoting terrorism.  That was the only way to justify it.  The
surgical strikes have followed. War is on the air.  Soon, communal hatred
will become a national phenomenon out of this war. You kill your own people
and blame it on  others. It is a good strategy.  In this context we need an
honest answer. How many Indians have been killed by Pakistan sponsored
terrorists and how many Indians have been killed by the Indian army in
Kashmir. What does the Government of India want in Kashmir ultimately?  A
landscape without people? It is time that every Indian responds to this
question. For the brutal murders are taking place in the name of our
security. And war is taking place with tax payers’ money.  This dishonesty
should not be allowed in a democracy. Say No to War!

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