I've also opened another Issue on protobuf github related to C# ByteString 
implementation and how this is killing my throughput due to excessive 
garbage collection.

Wonder if anyone else has run into similar obstacle...

On Friday, February 3, 2017 at 11:57:06 AM UTC-6, Peter Tiedemann wrote:
> I was looking over the benchmarks here (1.0.0, master does not seem to 
> work):
> https://performance-dot-grpc-testing.appspot.com/explore?dashboard=5712453606309888
> Mostly, it seems sensible enough, C++ is fastest, Java and C# roughly 
> tied. Then i took a look at the throughput tests, where Java shows ~10x 
> more QPS, leaving C# closer to Python and Node.
> Is there some performance issue with the C# implementation i need to be 
> aware of?

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