Thanks for your questions. I'll let someone else respond to #1.

On Tuesday, February 27, 2018 at 12:50:26 AM UTC-8, Xintong Zhou wrote:
> 2. grpc on Arduino
> Have you encountered any issues / performance issues when issuing grpc 
> requests from Arduino with encryption? We are a little concerned over 
> Arduino's processing power and memory.

Interestingly, it looks like no issues about Arduino have been posted to 
the grpc/grpc repository. I have seen other github or other source repos 
that offer Arduino platform services for gRPC using Python or Node, but no 
issues on the grpc/grpc repo.

3. grpc/http2 max concurrent stream limit
> We read that grpc server can set max concurrent stream limit. Will client 
> encounter rst_stream if it already has a lot of pending gRPC calls? What is 
> the best practice on setting max concurrent stream limit?

Streams that are above the concurrency limit won't get processed right away 
but may or may not get a RST depending on whether they just get stalled (in 
which case they won't get it) or are actually turned away since the system 
realizes that the stream will never get processed. We haven't recommended a 
best practice on this for now.

> 4. grpc for external facing services
> Is grpc ready for external facing services? We plan to run external facing 
> grpc servers behind server-side L4 loading balancer. Are there any security 
> and/or DoS concerns?

gRPC has been running numerous external facing services for a while 
now. is a guide for authentication, 
and numerous companies have posted their best practices in deployment. A 
bunch of different resources are linked 
from . Hope that helps!

- vjpai

> We really appreciate your help!
> Regards,
> Xintong

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